Sacred Chao Tattoo 546 S. College Ave Bloomington,Indiana 8128221346
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Tattoo Artists

kelly doty tattoo
im getting the majority of my right leg tattooed by kelly doty. i love her style and technique. her tattoos are vibrant and heal solid and quickly. i recommend tattoos by kelly doty very highly.

Tattoo Studios

Crimson Breed Tattoos
Travis Litke tatsbytravis is now tattooing full time at Crimson Breed Tattoos in Bloomington Indiana Crimson Breed Tattoos 546 S. College Ave. Bloomington IN 47403 812-822-1346

teresa sharpe tattoo
teresa sharpe is an amazin tattoo artist and painter from ft. wayne indiana. with her being so close to valparaiso indiana im sure i will be getting tattooed by her sooner or later.

tim boor bohemian tattoo club
this is my friend and fellow tattoo artist tim boor's new studio in kokomo indiana. im looking forward to doin many guest appearances at his bohemian tattoo club!

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Reprographic Arts Inc.
"Lowest Prices and Highest Quality Prints, Show Banners, Direct to fabric T-shirts, pretty much any printing you need. I wont go to anyone else." - Travis Litke