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Travis Litke Makes The Huffington Post

Tuesday November 23, 2010

I never Imagined for a second that one day one of my tattoos would be featured in the Huffington Post! Or if I did I would be very afraid It wouldnt be so positive! LOL. Considering the agenda of the Huff I have to tip my hat to 'em and give them kudos for saying some (slightly) positive stuff about tattoos because I know it had to have been hard for them to do so!

My Powerpuff Girls Tattoo (in Progress) made the article: "17 Amazing Tattoos Of 90's Cartoon Characters"

And you can go there and vote for your favorite! (while im writing this mine is at #2 Grrrr.)

So this Humble Tattoo Artist in a little 'ol Valparaiso Tattoo Shop made the Huff! My mom is going to be so proud!

P.S. Suzanne, Im sorry the Huffington Post called you a dude, but honestly, Powerpuff girls? What were they thinking?


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