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Hand Painted Vintage Sign Project

Thursday July 28, 2011

You know, because between running my own business, raising a family with 3 kids, and going to college, I have so much extra time on my hands that I needed to take up another hobby! LOL

My first project is huge: I picked up a beautiful 9 foot long antique church pew off of craigslist for an amazing deal that i couldnt pass up, and im restoring it and turning it into a vintage sign that will sit out in front of my studio.

The sign will read: "Sacred Chao" in a small banner, "Fine Purveyours of" in a long border panel across the top, "TATTOOING" in bold, and "Ph. 531-2020" across the bottom. here is a sneak peek of the sketch for the bench. (I plan to keep up with posting progress photos of this entire process here in my News section, in the Original Artwork by Travis Litke section, and well as on The Art Of Travis Litke Fan Page on Facebook)