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Undead Zombie Prints For Sale!

Saturday August 25, 2012

Travis Litke Tattoo not only produces high quality tattoos at Sacred Chao Tattooing And Piercing in Valparaiso Indiana! He also produces high quality fine art! For a limited time you can collect a piece of artwork from Travis with these Giclee prints of two of his most beloved colored pencil pieces. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, and to make this deal truly Limited Edition, Travis only had six of each made! Who doesnt love Bloody Nurses or Jesus Christ with a really cool dagger stabbed through his head!? The blood soaked nurse has come back from the dead to feast on your brains, and in the event she runs low on her supply of fresh blood, she keeps a syringe full of people juice close at hand. Put a bullet through her brain to stop her or just do what Travis did to Jesus and drive a dagger through his undead head!!! ; ) Bullet, Dagger, Doesnt Matter as long as you kill the brain! This Undead Zombie edition wont last long! And unlike the books these famous zombies are based, the prints are to be discontinued! (sadface) Theres a whole lot more to this artist than meets the eye, and Travis has more twisted and beautiful colored pencil pieces on the drawing board. Who knows what this Indiana Tattoo Artist has in store? Day of the Dead Tattoo Prints? Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl playing a Guitar Tattoo Prints? Maybe even a tripped out Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Piece? Or more Zombie Nurses? Who The Hell Knows!? Hit Travis up via email here for your superultramega awesome prints! Or call Travis Litke at his home studio; Sacred Chao Tattooing And Piercing in Valparaiso Indiana 219-531-2020 and get yours before theyre all gone!