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Now Taking Appointments Endurance Tattoo Greenwood Indiana
Tuesday June 26, 2018

Travis is officially taking appointments at a new Tattoo Studio!! Travis Litke is now located at Endurance Tattoo in Greenwood Indiana! He's also catching up with modern technology so you can contact Travis via »Read More

Valparaiso Indiana Tattoo Guest Spot
Friday May 11, 2018

Hey Kids! Now that I'm back up and running in sunny Bloomington Indiana I'm working on traveling back up to Valparaiso to do a guest artist tattoo spot at a local studio there. Not sure which one yet, there are so many people I want to visit! L...

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Travis Litke tatsbytravis Now Booking Tattoos 2015
Friday April 10, 2015

Travis Litke aka "tatsbytravis" now booking new clients!

Travis Litke tatsbytravis Valparaiso Valpo Indiana tattoo tattooing tattoos best studio shop parlor»Read More

tatsbytravis FACEBOOK promo
Friday September 19, 2014

Click image to view tatsbytravis facebook promo

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Spider Faun
Wednesday September 10, 2014

tatsbytravis travis litke sacred chao tattoos valparaiso indiana»Read More

you like many much tattoo and i make yes thanks
Thursday September 04, 2014

click the image to see facebook promotion

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tatsbytravis appreciation special
Wednesday August 27, 2014

Click the Image to view tatsbytravis Promotion. Thanks!

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On Making Appointments
Wednesday May 28, 2014

Travis Litke Tattoos Tattooing Tattoo Art Sacred Chao Valparaiso Indiana»Read More

More Art For Your Eyes
Wednesday May 21, 2014

Travis Litke Valparaiso Valpo Best Tattoo Studio Shop Indiana Tattooing Piercing»Read More

Follow Me (video link)
Tuesday May 20, 2014

Travis Litke Sacred Chao Tattooing and Piercing Valparaiso Indiana»Read More

Tuesday May 06, 2014



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Tour Recap and Appropriate Info
Saturday February 15, 2014

Fans, friends, colleagues, patrons, clients and everyone in between!

First off, I would like to thank you all for making my latest tour across the U.S. a tremendous success! From Off the Map, to Studio Evolve, Ink and Dagger, Detroit Moto...

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New News New Tattoos
Monday November 18, 2013

Travis Litke Tattoo Artist Valparaiso Indiana Sacred Chao Tattoos»Read More

Tuesday September 10, 2013

Travis Litke Paradise Tattoo Gathering Keystone Colorado Appointment Click»Read More

New Tattoo News Soon
Friday June 07, 2013

Travis Litke Sacred Chao Tattoos Valparaiso Indiana

New Tattoos Coming Soon!

Travis Litke Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercing Valparaiso In...

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@travislitketattoo instagram
Sunday April 21, 2013

Now you can follow me on instagram.



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Wednesday January 30, 2013

I will be attending the 18th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo ~ Feburary 22n...

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How I feel when I have to do a Cover Up of a Coverup
Wednesday January 16, 2013

How I Feel When I Have To Do A Coverup of a Coverup


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Obvious Altered Voting Machine Is Obvious 0:18
Tuesday November 06, 2012

posted at roughly 8:00am CT Nov 6 2012 election day (hopefully wont have to mirror)


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Tattoos, Philosophy, Science, Religion, Politics, Humor, News follow me on Twitter
Wednesday October 31, 2012

follow me on twitter. just click the pic.

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Currently Taking Appointments For New Tattoo Clients!
Friday October 05, 2012


I Am Currently Booking Appointments Fo Da Rest Of 2012

Also Have some cancellations that I can fill as early as October.<...

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Here We See Travis On His Knees
Tuesday October 02, 2012

Cutting Prints!


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Fine Art Prints Available Now
Monday October 01, 2012



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Limited Edition Prints/ only Two Left
Thursday September 27, 2012

only Two Prints Left!

Limited Edition Signed Numbered Prints $50 Only Two Left Will Cover S...

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New Art Prints Available
Thursday September 20, 2012


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Paradise Tattoo Gathering News
Monday August 27, 2012

Travis Litke of »Read More

Undead Zombie Prints For Sale!
Saturday August 25, 2012

Travis Litke Tattoo not only produces high quality tattoos at Sacred Chao Tattooing And Piercing in Valparaiso Indiana! He also produces ...

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Look Out Virginia Beach Cause Here I Come! (studio evolve 7/30-8/4)
Friday July 13, 2012

Studio Evolve Guest Spot 7/30 - 8/4

Now Taking Appointments For Studio Evolve From 7/30-8/4

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Travis Litke Guest Spot At Studio Evolve 7/30/12 - 8/4/12
Thursday July 12, 2012

Travis Litke Guest Spot At Studio Evolve Virginia Beach VA 7/30- 8/4

Travis is currently scheduling appointments for his gu...

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HELP WANTED. Full Time Tattoo Artists
Monday July 02, 2012

HELP WANTED: Full-Time Tattoo Artists

Sacred Chao Tattooing & Piercing in Valparaiso Indiana is currently reviewing portfolios for Full...

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Taking New Clients Now
Friday June 22, 2012

Here we see Travis Litke in his natural habitat.... Tattooing a Day of the Dead Girl with a moth on her forehead attracted to a flame on her nose, wit...

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Spots Available For Tattoos at Off The Map Guest Spot
Monday June 04, 2012

Travis Litke Has Some Slots Open For Tattoos At Off The Map Tattoo

Easthampton MA June 6-11. call Mary at Off The Map To Schedule


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Now Taking Appointments/ Off The Map/ Paradise/ Sacred Chao
Wednesday May 30, 2012


Travis Litke Tattooing A Koi Fish Half-Sleeve In Progress

Travis L...

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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Click Image To Go To Facebook!

Travis ...

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My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nachos,...Pluto Tattoo
Sunday May 20, 2012

Here we see Travis Litke in his natural habitat. Doing a science-based Tattoo! It brings me great joy everytime I think about the demotion of the planet Pluto and what caused it; the disco...

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Tour Dates! Dont Blink!
Wednesday May 16, 2012

Travis Litke Will Be Guest Tattooing at Off The Map Tattoos Easthampton MA June 5-12

Guest Tattooing at Studio Evolve w/ Tanane Whitfield and Gabriel Cece (to be announced)


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Off The Map Easthampton MA Guest Spot Dates
Thursday May 10, 2012

Travis Litke Off The Map Tattoo

Easthampton MA Guest Spot

June 5-12 2012

Now Taking Appointments


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Travis Litke Off The Map Guest Spot June 5- June 12
Friday May 04, 2012

Travis Litke Off The Map Tattoos East Hampton Guest Spot 

June 5th - June 12th 2012 Now Taking Appointments

Email For Info<...

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Big Hand To Tattoonow For Getting The Travis Litke .Com Website Dialed In!
Thursday April 19, 2012

Big Hand to Everyone At and Off The Map Tattoos

For Helping Me Get Travis Litke .com Dialed In And More User 



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You Look At Big 'ol Titties Tattoo!?
Monday April 16, 2012

You Look At Big 'ol Titties Tattoo!


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Travis Litke Tattoos YUM!
Monday April 16, 2012

Travis Litke Tattoos? YUM!


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Linoleum Block Carving/ Printing (a dying art)
Saturday April 14, 2012

Linoleum Block Carving and Printing by Travis Litke

One of these days I would love to do a workshop on either 

Papermaking or Linoleum Carving/ Printing.

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Zombie Nurse (Prismacolor Pencils)
Thursday April 12, 2012

I wanted to do something colorful to celebrate spring!

So here it is! "Zombie Nurse" having a tasty Human Brain Snack

with a shot of Blood in her Seringe ju...

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Glitch SG Undead Rose
Saturday April 07, 2012

I told Glitch at Hell City Phoenix 2011 that I planned to do a drawing of her, but I hadnt thought of what I wanted to do yet. I think this works pretty well. "Glitch Undead Rose"...

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Kill Zombie Jesus
Friday April 06, 2012

To Help Y'all Get Into The Easter Holiday Spirit I Present You With

"Kill Zombie Jesus"

6"X11" Prismacolor Pencil on Vellum


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Luscious Suicide as Medusa Tattoo Design
Thursday April 05, 2012

So Luscious Suicide threatened to kick my a$$ if I didnt do a drawing of her and tattoo

it on someone. Seeing as how shes like twenty inches taller than me I figured I better

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Sugar Skull / Day of the Dead Girl
Monday April 02, 2012

Courtesy of the Lovely Altmodel Countess Grotesque

I transformed her into a Day of the Dead Girl / Sugar Skull Girl.

Countess Gr...

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Another Satisfied Customer
Saturday March 31, 2012


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Mousewars Chronicles Update
Friday March 30, 2012

New Moid Barrus Tattoo Coming Soon


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YoU WiLL FoLLoW oR diE!
Friday March 30, 2012


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MGMT pulls another PranK
Thursday March 29, 2012


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My Tattoo Experience With Kelly Doty
Wednesday March 21, 2012

On Friday March 16 2012 I was very fortunate to catch up with the amazingly talented tattoo artist; Kelly Doty while she was on her "Fashionably Late Tour", and get myself a new ...

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Whilst Under Construction
Sunday March 18, 2012

Please Be Patient Whilst goes through some changes. Thank You.

Lodge all complaints with Denise at Sacred Chao Tattooing &a...

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Long Sleeve T-shirts By Travis Litke
Thursday October 06, 2011




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My Hell City Phoenix Experience
Tuesday August 30, 2011

            Hell City Tattoo Fest this weekend was one of the best tattoo conventions I have ever worked. It was the first time I have been able to make it out to Phoenix Arizona, and staying at the Biltmore Resort was ...

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Hand Painted Vintage Sign Project
Thursday July 28, 2011

You know, because between running my own business, raising a family with 3 kids, and going to college, I have so much extra time on my hands that I needed to take up another hobby! LOL

My first project is huge: I picked up a beautiful 9 f...

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Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo 2011
Sunday December 12, 2010

I am currently taking appointments for

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Tattoo Guru Studio Magazine
Saturday December 04, 2010

I just wanted to extend a special thanks to Tattoo Guru Studio Magazine for Featuring Tattoos By Travis Litke in the last few issues! Tattoo Guru is an awesome new magazine featuring a lot of new talent in the industry. I was unaware that I had submitt...

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Travis Litke Makes The Huffington Post
Tuesday November 23, 2010

I never Imagined for a second that one day one of my tattoos would be featured in the Huffington Post! Or if I did I would be very afraid It wouldnt be so positive! LOL. Considering the agenda of the Huff I have to tip my hat to 'em and give them kudos...

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Tuesday November 02, 2010

Sacred Chao embroidered hoodies are on sales now on ebay with free shipping until November 23

 choose fr...

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sacred chao merchandise/ clothing line
Wednesday October 13, 2010

sorry i havent kept you all posted on the latest Sacred Chao Tattoos Clothing line: I will be putting up more information as ...

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Seasonal Sacred Chao Beanie Hats ARE BACK!!!
Saturday September 18, 2010



i can hook these up ove...

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Travis Litke Tattoos
Thursday June 03, 2010

Travis Litke Tattoos is up and running! (obviously) Travis Litke is a Tattoo Artist out of Sacred Chao Tattoos in Valparaiso Indiana. Hes becoming known for his Portraits Color Portraits Color Realism and Hyperrealism, but Hes proficient in all areas i...

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